About Marcus


My name is Marcus Muhammad. I teach leadership, business, and financial literacy. When I was growing up, my father would always say,“Marcus…… Don’t ever work for money. Make money work for you.”

Unfortunately, my father passed away before he was able to show me how to achieve that goal.

I didn’t understand exactly what he meant at the time, but it sounded good. The idea stuck with me. I never forgot his words, nor the sternness of  his tone. “Marcus……Don’t ever work for money.  Make money work for you.”

These words from my father were so powerful that they set me on a course in which it became my life’s pursuit to achieve that goal.

I have a Degree in Accounting from The University of Maryland

Over 30 years of business experience

Business Owner of Many Businesses. Some of which include: dry cleaners, an online modeling agency, used car dealership, a mortgage brokerage, a moving company, a janitorial company, a maid service, a several retail clothing businesses.

I am a licensed real estate consultant. I specialize in real estate investments, and I’ve bought and sold millions of dollars of real estate.

My Passion: Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom

My goal is to develop and inspire a new generation of financially literate, creative thinkers, and empower them with the business insight and acumen that will help insure their success.

Through Years of research and personal experiences, I have discovered common core principles that transcend many aspects of life and most avenues of pursuit. I share these principles to help empower my audience and clients with the mindset to break down barriers and enhance their ability to shake off mediocrity, improve self-esteem, and achieve goals far beyond their imagination.