We had Marcus Muhammad as the keynote speaker for an event entitled “Choosing Your Future”  His presentation was excellent!  He was full of knowledge, insight, inspiration, and excitement.  The inmates were so inspired! One inmate came to me the following day and told me he could not sleep all night for thinking about the impact Mr. Muhammad had on him.  Many of the inmates requested Mr. Muhammad to come back and set up empowerment groups and for one-on-one coaching.  We all could feel Mr. Muhammad, and we all felt that he cares about his audience and their needs.  I would absolutely recommend Mr. Muhammad as your next keynote speaker-Ms. Morgan, State of Ohio-ODRC, Columbus, OH



Marcus has been my business coach for many, many years.  He is passionate, caring, and understanding, and is deeply concerned about my success. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and has the compassionate spirit to inspire and motivate.-Deidre, Small Business Owner,

(www.aloeryourself.com ), Tampa, Fl


Marcus has a business acumen thatis far superior than most.  I’ve worked with him for over 30 years.  He has helped me tremendously, advising me in the areas of real estate, business, and life in general.  He is a very passionate.  He is an active businessman and community leader.  Marcus will push you to your limit and beyond! -Derrick, Film Producer/Actor (www.galeandthestorm.com ), Los Angeles, CA


I’m a person that did not come from a family that was very business or financially focused. I looked for a coach and mentor to help educate me, and give me ideas to help build my future.  He has been my business and financial mentor for over 12 years. I met Marcus and asked him to teach me about real estate when I was in college. I did not know that it would turn into a life long friendship. Marcus does not just tell people what they should do, but he gives them options, and the reasoning behind those options. Marcus has guided me through multiple business transactions and real estate purchases. There can not be an amount placed on the valuable lessons Marcus has taught me. Through Marcus I’ve learned that when I’m making financial and business decisions, it’s not just about today, tomorrow, or next year. He helped put me in a mindset to focus on making decisions that will benefit me, my family, and my community for years to come. Marcus is a man that truly believes in helping people succeed and reach their goals.-Dustin, Program Analyst, Washington DC


Marcus has helped me pinpoint what it is thatI want out of life. He has introduced me to a world of possibilities that I didn’t know was out there for me. Through working with him I have realized what my greatest strengths are and how I can use them to my advantage.   From day one he’s been supportive and encouraging, and wants me to succeed.-Rishan, Owner-Andai Tutoring, Columbus OH


Marcus helped me muster the courage and vision to begin planning a new and exciting career at the age 50. It’s easy to think about pursuing your dreams but it’s hard to take actual, substantial steps on your own. It’s critical to have an experienced, logical, tough, yet empathetic life-coach like Marcus in your corner.-Ken, Waste Management Services, Columbus OH


I’ve been working with Marcus going on 5 years,  during which, I have received continued 1 on 1 coaching in matters of business in general, and Real Estate in particular. As a landlord, he has given me great vision, great advice, and has taught me how to better manage my emotions and how to remain objective when it comes to my tenants and business associates.  He is sincere in seeing me successful, and has shown me that he is with me through thick and thin.  He approaches my issues as if they were his own.  He is tough, yet passionate about helping me achieve life-long success.  Marcus is my go to guy!-Alseny, Real Estate Investor, South Bend, IN



  Marcus is logical an very knowledgeable. For me, he brought to light a lot of issues that I have been wrestling with in trying to grow myself personally.  He also introduced me to concepts to help me envision ways to expand my business. Marcus has inspired to chase my dreams and has provided so many opportunities and platforms for me to do so. He’s not just talk, he’s about that action!-Tori, Owner-Make It Count Books (www.makeitcountbks.com), Columbus OH



Marcus is a very intelligent and insightful business and life coach.  He is caring, compassionate, and shows great concern for my success in life and business.  I feel very comfortable enough to ask him about all of my concerns, and I always receive valuable information and guidance in return.  He is not  limited to just business. He has helped me with nearly all aspects of life, and has worked with me through some of the toughest challenges anyone could ever imagine.  As a result, I have a great business, I travel the world, I have a great outlook on life, and I am now living the life many people can only dream about. -Mark, Owner- Consolidated Services, Columbus OH



  Brother Marcus is very informative and positive, and is a great source of teaching and guidance in helping me develop into the perfect example of the conduct, expression and works of one striving to be in complete submission to the perfect will of Allah (God).  Brother Marcus guides from a point of righteousness that helps to insure that I reach that goal.-Bro. Rushard, Musician (www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0W41KuFKFro8cBC_MKmZg ), Columbus OH